Our mission is to provide end-to-end solution implementation and integration, ensuring the maximum impact on your business.

  • Engineering excellence - Provide scalable, long-term solutions
  • Focus on impact - Ensure the right problems are being worked on to minimise risk
  • Be responsible - Deliver projects on-time and with flexibility


InfraBits started as NodeHost in 2009 providing consultancy services and hosting solutions to customers.

All consultants have many years experience as principal/senior engineers or architects, empowering them to understand your business requirements and design solutions accordingly.

Specialities include:

  • Linux systems administration
  • Development in multiple languages
  • Security risk management and solution implementation
  • Network design and implementation

Solutions are provided in a number of formats including:

  • SaaS - hosted and managed by us, provided via subscription to you
  • Appliance - hosted by you and managed by us, provided via subscription
  • Hybrid - combination of SaaS and Appliance, provided via subscription
  • Perpetual - hosted and managed by you, provided one-time