DevOps and SRE Consultancy

Our team is experienced in multiple operations practices including DevOps and SRE.

Using our extensive knowledge we can help your organisation align and mature its practices.

A key to all approaches is the automation of processes and management of infrastructure, enabling fast iterative development.


DevOps, simply meaning Development and Operations, is a culture and practice that aims at the unification of software development and operations.

The focus is on strong automation advocation and monitoring all steps of the software lifecycle, from integration, testing, staging, releasing and monitoring of software to deployment and infrastructure management.

The aim is to speed up development cycles, including increased development frequency and more dependable releases.


Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), while similar to DevOps is more focused on the overall systems architecture, rather than orchestration within a development team.

The focus is on creating ultra-scalable and very reliable systems, using software engineering skills to tackle operational work.

DevOps related activities could be seen as a subset of SRE, with a stronger focus on breaking down the 'Ops vs Dev' barries.