Security Consultancy

Our team has extensive experience in security and risk management, as well as being familiar with multiple legal and regulatory frameworks.


We can provide ad-hoc or regular scanning of your assets, providing insight as to your business risk.

Scans can be tailored to your organisation's requirements or compliance frameworks.

Note: PCI DSS requires at least quarterly scanning of (internal and external) assets as part compliance.


Vulnerability remediation and risk mitigation can take many forms

  • System updates
  • Package rebuilds
  • Software development
  • Configuration tuning
  • Re-design of architecture

Our team can outline and execute a full remediation plan, or advise on the best course of actions for your business.


It's vital to ensure vulnerabilities are not re-introduced, this a mitigation plan needs to be put into place.

A review of the Vulnerability and remediation steps will outline any process gaps or failures, allowing a mitigation plan to be constructed.

A full review of all security controls can also be undertaken by our team, ensuring 360-degree coverage for your business.


Practically every company has some form of legal or regulatory framework to operate within, these could be related to processing personal data (such as the Data Protection Act, GDPR etc), related to insurance/financials (SOX etc) or related to card handling and processing (PCI DSS etc)

Our team has experience in handling the complexities of operating a global business and can help in advising which frameworks apply and what the scope of responsibility is.

Many frameworks require auditing by third parties, which we can guide you through, ensuring the least resistance path.